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Nicholas-Beazley Makes Historic Debut!!

The skies over Oshkosh, Wisconsin will be buzzing with excitement this year as the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) AirVenture Oshkosh welcomes a historic addition to its lineup of vintage aircrafts. For the first time ever, a Nicholas Beazley NB-8 airplane will be on display at the week-long airshow, representing the rich aviation history of Marshall, Missouri.

The recently built 1931 model NB-8 was brought back to life by Cameron Blazer III, a long-time pilot from Overland Park, KS and member of the Nicholas Beazley Aviation Museum (NBAM) board. Blazer’s passion for aviation and dedication to preserving history has resulted in a stunning restoration that will be admired by thousands of aviation enthusiasts at Oshkosh.

In addition to the NB-8, information about the Nicholas Beazley Aviation Museum in Marshall, Missouri will also be available at the airshow. Members of the NBAM

board, as well as other local pilots and aviation enthusiasts, will travel to Oshkosh during the last week of July to attend the airshow and represent the local museum.

The presence of the Nicholas Beazley NB-8 at Oshkosh is a testament to the rich aviation history of Marshall, Missouri and the dedication of those who work to preserve it. If you’re attending EAA AirVenture Oshkosh this year, be sure to stop by and see this historic aircraft for yourself. And if you’re ever in Marshall, Missouri, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Nicholas Beazley Aviation Museum and learn more about the fascinating history of aviation in the area.


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