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Take advantage of all of the amazing exclusive events, special rates and educational classes.  Proceeds go towards supporting our Aviation Museum and membership includes exclusive benefits to be enjoyed throughout the year.  Discounts and free tickets to certain events are just some of the wonderful benefits available.

Purchase a brick to personalize as a donation, or commemorate a special person or event.  Your donation of a brick will help pave the entryway to the Nicholas-Beazley Aviation Museum, and pay tribute to someone important in your life now, or in the past.

There are many ways for you to contribute to the Nicholas-Beazley Aviation Museum.  Cash and checks are the most popular ways to give to the museum and are tax deductible.  You can give in the form of securities, loans, stocks, or even volunteer!



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Help Nicholas-Beazley continue to provide its great services to the public. You would be contributing towards the continuing education of all people who walk through our doors. If you had a good experience in the past, know that all this wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of our supporters. We are always seeking additions to our archive of personal stories, letters, diaries and photographs.  Please contact us concerning any material that you wish to donate to the Museum.