Nicholas Beazley Aviation Museum
Airplane Company
Nicholas-Beazley Airplane Company

1924 Nicholas and Beazley opened the Nicholas-Beazley Airplane Company. 160 aircraft were sold in the first year. Three years later Charles Lindbergh made his famous non-stop flight from New York to Paris. Nicholas-Beazley Aircraft Company parts were used to help build the Spirit of St. Louis. The company became so successful that they expanded their facility, purchasing one-half of a city block on West North Street in Marshall, MO.  In 1929 certification was approved for the new NB-3, a metal structured low wing mono-plane which achieved record setting performances.  In 1931 the NB-8 was developed.  At its height the company had nearly 100 employees, and it lasted until 1939 when their parts inventory was purchased by Air Associates.

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